It's Rated - X

by Pink Carnage



released May 5, 2015

Chris McDonald



all rights reserved


Pink Carnage Ontario

Pink Carnage is a one man Deathgrind project created by Chris McDonald from Kingston, Ontario, Canada that started January 2015. All the music is arranged, written and programmed by Chris.
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Track Name: It's Rated - X
It's Rated - X
Track Name: Hotel Cartel
Whore In Sheeps Clothing
Tore Off The Devil's Dress
The Blade Is Getting Closer Now
And Someone's Screaming Werewolf
Cut Off All Circulation
This Plastic Bagged World
Grave Digging Black Nails
White Faced Coke Rails

Hiding From Your Shadows
Memory Loss
Primal Beasts Become Of Us
Confusion Consumes
Distorted Thoughts Take Action
Track Name: Pornographic Spiders
Soon To Be Corpses
On Spider Island
No Surviving
Only Dying!

Meaning Of Life

Track Name: Children Of The Damned
Funeral Friday
Sunday Binge
Who Needs A God When There's No Heaven

Trapped In The Basement Of The World
With Crosses On My Eyes
Nailed To The Floor

Into The Void Of Unconsiousness

Enter The Loins Of Hell
Where They Were Forced To Kill Themselves
In Behind The Church
Lay The Children Of The Damned

Dragged Up And Down The Stairs
Rotting Flesh & Burning Hair
Drowning In Your Remains
Beat Into A Ghost

This Is The Blood We Shed
Sun Is Black
The Streets Are Painted Red
Unholy We Will March
Until We Turn On Ourselves

Every Man For Himself
It Won't Be Over
Til There's No One Left
Track Name: Abdullah The Butcher
The Butcher's Axe
Will Cut You Down
Partner Of The Homicide's
Ruthless Stabbing

Eyes Mad And Wandering
Hidden Razor Blade
Written In Blood

Feared Monster
Bringer Of Pain
Gustatory Mayhem
Draining Every Orifice
Leaking Remains

Violent Animal
Dying In The Hall Of Horror
Vicious Rabid Dog
Brutally Attacking Open Wounds

Menacing Figure
Cleaver In His Hand
Shocking For Amusement
Long Live The Butcher Man!!
Track Name: Black Market Maniac
Negative Creeps
And Lurks In The Shadows
The Sadist Hurts Himself For The Crowd

Cut A Hole Into This Existence
And Fill It Up With Shit

Sunken Holes For Eyes
Skin Rotting With Mould
Indulged Like A Stuck Fucking Pig
Tongue Lashing Foul Taste
Spewing Out Mouthfuls Of Afterbirth
Purtrid Bullimic Breath

White Wedding Holocaust
Body Bagged And River Tossed
Cancer Spreads Through Your Luck

Mental Distorting Mind Control
Infernal Agitation
Black Market Maniac

Diminishing The Voices
Killing Off The Fear
You Can Almost Taste The Blood
As They Dissappear

(Didn't Get The Job? So You Bought A Gun
Wore The Suit And Tried To Be The Man,
Gave Up Your Life For One You Never Wanted
So Show Them What You're Made Of Made Of...)

Diminishing The Voices
Killing Off The Fear
You Can Almost Taste The Blood
As They Dissappear

Sunken Holes For Eyes
Skin Rotting With Mould
Indulged Like A Stuck Fucking Pig
Liars Stealing Souls With Smiles
The Bodycount Is Piling Higher
Death Is In The Night

Box Full Of Organs
A Smile Found Inside
Black Market Maniac
Track Name: Oozing Lungs
Make Your Move
You're Making Me Numb
Peel Back Your Skin
As The Fear It Kicks In
Show Us Your Oozing Lungs

Pull The Wool
Over Our Eyes
Your Laughter It Makes Me Squeamish
Self-loathing Sickness
Waste Of A Man
Pointing Your Gun
Leader Of No One

Demons Can't Save You Now
You've Dug Your Grave
So Call It Home
Eat The Maggots
Decay Alone

No One Can Hear You Scream
So Keep Your Mouth Shut
Save The Lies
Suffer The Rest Your Life

Blackened Death Pours Out Your Heart
Show Us Your Oozing Lungs
As The Devil Tears You Apart
Show Us Your Oozing Lungs