by Pink Carnage

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FLESH MECHANIC Another piece of work from one-man grind project Pink Carnage. I like grindcore with good production quality and mixing, where distortion is sacrificed in favor of the wall of sound effect. So I bought this. Favorite track: Controlled Death.


released November 2, 2015

All music written and recorded by: Pink Carnage (Chris McDonald)



all rights reserved


Pink Carnage Ontario

Pink Carnage is a one man Deathgrind project created by Chris McDonald from Kingston, Ontario, Canada that started January 2015. All the music is arranged, written and programmed by Chris.
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Track Name: Charred
Burning Like Flies
Overabundence Of Human Scum
Maggots Born From Rotting Flesh
Hear Their Feeding Drones

Sick And Naked
Torn From Inside Out

Dead End Fistfuck
Baptized God Stuck

Incarcerated Mindrot
Deathbed Body Crust

I Spontaneously Combust
Track Name: Controlled Death
Controlled Grave
Inhumane Interrogation
Kill The Wolf
Pain, Terror, Humiliation
Helplessness Magnifies
Threats Of Imminent Death
Forced To Dig My Own Grave
Physical Violence
Beaten Insane

Stripped, Starved, Deprived Of Sleep
Feltid Water Poured Slowly Through Cloth
Hanging By My Feet
Fluid Building In The Lungs
On The Verge Of Afterlife
By The Masters Of The Trade
Simulated Drowning
In The Process Of Dying

Demented Screams
Vomitting Relentlessly
Onset Of Unconsciousness
The Mind Exloding

Inhalation Tightens The Fabric To The Face
Cowards Have Died Many Times
Before Their Death
Waves Of Claustrophic Horror
Uncontrollale Suffering
Gasping The Final Breath